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The coronavirus and my thoughts



Me, as usual, I seem to be swimming upstream when it comes to what other people are doing, and I’m doing.


COVID has hit us, and I guess if you look back in history, we should have known this would happen sooner or later, as we cannot control viruses and we’ve made everything globalised.

I’ve only just recovered from an operation, and my new life as a person living with endometriosis means I struggle to keep busy without a day of pain or fatigue to hit me – where I cannot do anything apart from rest. 

So I cannot go out helping people in the community because of that, keeping my mental health good and being an asthma sufferer is serious when it comes to avoiding COVID.

I’ve been keeping up with what’s going on via the radio and news. Buts, it’s difficult to listen too without getting angry. Why does the media only talk to middle-class people (90% of the time)? Yea it must be challenging to run a business at home with the cat! Yawn.

Since when did the news become like a beautiful glossy magazine to flick through. What about the people who are stuck in small flats in the city with their children. No mention of them or the people that have lost their homes because their landlords kicked them out. Isn’t the news for everyone or is it to keep the middle class and rich happy.

Also, there’s no mention that many key workers work ridiculously long hours and are mainly unhealthy because they cannot find time to keep healthy, which is not good when having to interact with COVID patients. 

So it looks like all of this is being brushed under the carpet, and the poor as usual have no voice. You would have thought the Labour party would be mentioning these things, but I guess they are scared for their careers and don’t want what happened to Jeremy Corbyn to happen to them.

It takes strength to do the right thing. Its such a shame as this moment in time with COVID could be the moment when things change for the better. Like how about talking about the environment right now and what structures could be put in place globally. Its the perfect time!

Anyway, thanks for reading my rambles.

I will hopefully post some Design & Art related posts very soon.

Kind Regards