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SEO tips that you may not know.

I always like to talk to people as if they have a certain amount of intelligence. As a small business, I’m sure you have read up about putting keywords into your website pages and made sure you have added your website URL to Google and Google business.


But have you done that ‘deep’ plunge and got into SEO intensely, and started to think like a professional SEO person. Here are some tips that you may not have thought about that could get you some more clients!


1) Did you know when you put your keywords into Google to check where your business is showing up? Google uses AI to locate where you are and then gives you a result that’s related to that area. So it isn’t accurate when wanting to research if your website is coming up and showing on the first page of Google’s results.


So how do you correct this? Well if you have already set up a Google business page, you should have a Google account. Login into this and go to the locations setting shown below and switch this off. When you are browsing your browser may ask to switch this back on, but you need to say ‘no’ to this.



2) Another useful tip that will help you, to see what pages are in the google search engine and which ones haven’t passed Googles rules. Again in your Google account shown below, there is an icon called Webmaster tool or Google search console. In here you need to add all the URLs you have used such as https & HTTP. You will need to leave this to run spiders and bots which may take a few days. Then when you visit it will show if there are pages with errors or is any pages are not getting crawled. It also shows what keywords are working for you or not.


3) Quality backlinks. You may have heard about getting links to your website on other website platforms is some that google likes and will push you up google more as they look at you want as a more reputable company that will then get awarded. Well, this is true but isn’t right for any old website. It depends on the type of site you put a backlink on.


We’re talking sites like the BBCNEWS com, theguardian.com, and TheTimes.com. If you earn a backlink from one of these authority sites, you’ll get a ton of benefits. But this will cost a lot of money and many not something a small business can afford and then if you do pay it’s still tough to get on these types of websites and is a lot to do if you know these businesses. It’s not your fault!


I recommend starting by getting a sense of which sites in your niche are getting the most attention; you can do this by looking on google and seeing how comes up on page one. Then focus on getting to know these businesses and discussing maybe swopping blog information for free or swopping banners adverts.

4) Fixing errors and speeding up your website are all good things to do that Google likes and will rate you. All you need to do is get some plugins installed. I recommend the following.

  • 404 to 301 – Redirect, Log and Notify 404 Errors

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