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Selling out & Andy Weatherall

If you’ve bored yourself by looking at my website and artwork before, you will know I rant on about how I find it hard to become a fully-fledged artist in the capitalist society, as you have to change who you are. And for me, that feels wrong.

My art is a way of expressing things that frustrate me in this world but positively and healthily, rather than releasing my feelings onto people or on myself by being self-destructive.

Well, I’ve never thoroughly thought why I’m the way I am and whether other people influenced me. Which I’ve mentioned in other blog posts about Keith Harring and the Brit Pop group. But Andy was there always in the background doing good for the world.

This guy went about it in a 100% class way and could have become famous and lapped the limelight up, “making people with money more money.” But he didn’t he kept to his roots and avoided the spotlight and concentrated on his craft.

I did think at one point this was a sign and not to sell out, as I’ve recently been offered to exhibit my art in a local bar and felt I was, being asked to jump through rings, to the owner’s orders and clicking of fingers. But I realised this was wrong and I should show my art to be people who deserve it and cancelled the idea.

Thanks, Andy, for reminding us all what’s important in life.

You were pretty incredible how you didn’t get wrapped up in peoples finger clicking.

Again I have a heavy heart every time I think you have died. I feel very sad, indeed, for everyone that loved you and supported you.

Thanks, you can read more moaning by going to my website here: https://elluse.co.uk/