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FREE online education resources
Posted by Helen Jones | 17th March 2020

A non-exhaustive list that might help those affected by school closures due to coronavirus, compiled by home educators. Khan Academy https://www.khanacademy.org Especially good for maths and computing for all ages but other subjects at Secondary level. Note this uses the U.S. grade system but it's a most common material. BBC Learning http://www.bbc.co.uk/learning/coursesearch/ This site is old and no longer updated...

Printful.com is ace for artists
Posted by Helen Jones | 24th April 2020

Have you thought of maybe getting some of your art onto merchandise to sell, but worried it might not work out and you're left with lots of merchandise in storage? Well, I've become an affiliate with printful.com. I've made my mind up I will not affiliate businesses for cash without having a strong bond with that business, and I think...

The coronavirus and my thoughts
Posted by Helen Jones | 18th April 2020

     Me, as usual, I seem to be swimming upstream when it comes to what other people are doing, and I'm doing.    COVID has hit us, and I guess if you look back in history, we should have known this would happen sooner or later, as we cannot control viruses and we've made everything globalised. I've only just...

Wix or WordPress websites
Posted by Helen Jones | 18th March 2020

  It's a minefield when you decide you want a website and it can be tempting to pay for something easy like Wix. As they have template designs that you can quickly edit, and you can get something Live in a few hours.   So why would you go with the bother and doing a WordPress website alone or with someone...

Do you need some cheap graphics software?
Posted by Helen Jones | 11th March 2020

   You may need some graphic software just to do some simple banners or explain to a Graphic Designer an idea. Here’s some I’ve found on my travels and a little explanation on what I think about the:   Canva – Super easy to use but minimal design options. Click here for more information >>>   Gimp – This is used a lot...

Selling out & Andy Weatherall
Posted by Helen Jones | 27th February 2020

If you’ve bored yourself by looking at my website and artwork before, you will know I rant on about how I find it hard to become a fully-fledged artist in the capitalist society, as you have to change who you are. And for me, that feels wrong. My art is a way of expressing things that frustrate me in this...

SEO tips that you may not know.
Posted by Helen Jones | 29th January 2020

I always like to talk to people as if they have a certain amount of intelligence. As a small business, I'm sure you have read up about putting keywords into your website pages and made sure you have added your website URL to Google and Google business.   But have you done that 'deep' plunge and got into SEO intensely,...

Cheeky little tips to get more customers (leads)
Posted by Helen Jones | 15th November 2019

So the ultimate question for new businesses is how do I get new customers without spending massive amounts of money on adverts and marketing but doesn't take up all your time with technical/design work and knocking on doors. Here are a few ideas that have worked for my clients and me. Engage with customers with a Google My Business Account....

Google Search Operators
Posted by Helen Jones | 15th November 2019

What are Google search operators? Google search operators are special characters and commands (sometimes called “advanced operators”) that extend the capabilities of regular text searches. Search operators can be useful for everything from content research to technical SEO audits. How do I use search operators? You can enter search operators directly into the Google search box, just as you would...

22 Free Google Products for Small Business Owners
Posted by Helen Jones | 11th November 2019

For e-commerce entrepreneurs and small business owners, Google has attractive, free tools for nearly every aspect of online productivity. Here is a list of free online products from Google. There are simple efficiency tools, as well as game-changing web applications. For the tools you’re using already, make sure you’re taking advantage of all the integrated bells and whistles. General Office...

Why is Market Research important?
Posted by Helen Jones | 31st August 2019

Why is Market Research relevant?   Questions you should ask yourself: Is there enough demand to start up your new business? Will it see it through its first year and beyond? Before spending any money (most importantly) and time, research  can help you with the following: Whether there is a genuine market for your idea The likely value and volume...

5 key disciplines for a successful business
Posted by Helen Jones | 9th August 2019

I've discovered that there are five key disciplines you need to master if you're going to have a successful business in this industry: PROFILE To attract clients, you must establish yourself as an authority in your field. The problem is, there are hundreds of thousands of life coaches, business coaches, personal trainers, therapists, etc., in the UK alone. It's an...

The future is VirtualReality.
Posted by Helen Jones | 12th December 2016

The future is #VirtualReality.

The Difference between Art & Design
Posted by Helen Jones | 23rd November 2016

The Difference between #Art&Design

What’s the typical cost of a Flyer?
Posted by Helen Jones | 12th October 2016

What's the typical #CostOfAFlyer?