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Can you be a Graphic Designer without a Graphic Design Degree?

I’m not going to lie to you, it is difficult, as you will be working with Business People who have people judging their actions and decisions. Which means they will be getting judged on who they employ. (This is a view of a UK designer)


After 20 years, in the design industry with-out a Graphic Design Degree. I would say it is is worth getting a Degree as this gives people confidence in your actions.


I was lucky as when I became a Website Designer there weren’t many Degrees out there, for Website Design, so was able to get a Website Design position, pretty quickly by showing an enthusiastic interest, which I did by getting on multimedia courses and creating a straightforward portfolio website online.


Being a  designer doesn’t always mean a career in a Design Agency. You can get employment in many sectors, and a lot of companies will have Graphic Designer in-house to work with all the departments, catering for their needs, such as Sales Brochures, Adverts and Websites. All-thou I would say, this won’t get your creative juices going, but if you’re interested in Business, you will see how all the departments work together and get involved with them all.


As long as you show, you are always learning and go on courses and network with other Designers; you can have a successful career. Still, you will always be fighting a challenging battle, in an already very competitive market without that Design Degree.


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